SYSPHERA is about to announce the release of its new version, SYSPHERA UX 2019.

This is the biggest evolution of the CPM solution since its launch.

“The new version has an emphasis on usability, with important interface changes based on customer suggestions”, says Handerson Koerich, CTO of SYSPHERA. “The user experience with the product will provide a reduction in workload and the consequent increase in productivity through a more responsive environment with the use of SPA (Single Page Application) technology.”

“SYSPHERA UX 2019 was fully rewritten on the Microsoft .Net Core 2.0 platform, which greatly improved the performance of the solution, as well as enabled native installations on Linux, Unix, Mac and Windows. The extensive use of microservices allows horizontal scaling, since it is a Cloud oriented architecture,” complements Koerich.

According to Antonio Dutra Jr., Vice President of Product Strategy, “the native integration with BI solutions such as MicroStrategy and Microsoft Power BI has been maintained and expanded, enabling the preparation of Forecast through Machine Learning or R Language.”

According to the VP, “after this launch, we will provide a new release with the exclusive Intelligent Personal Assistance that makes use of NLP (Natural Language Processing), bringing Artificial Intelligence to the business environment of financial managers in 2019.”

SYSPHERA UX 2019 is currently being deployed to selected customers and is expected to be available in May/19.

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