A comprehensive solution for budgeting, planning, forecasting & consolidation
to support enterprises of all sizes in any industry.

Sysphera Diagram - English

  • Operational and Financial Modeling
  • Pre-Built Models and Accelerators
  • Business Process Workflow
  • Tasks, Activities and Responsibilities
  • Better Deadline Monitoring
  • Business Rules

  • Top-down and Bottom-up Budgeting
  • Personnel Planning by Perso/Position
  • Investment Analysis (CAPEX)
  • Zero-Based and/or Matrix Budgeting
  • Economic and Financial Planning

  • Data From Any Technology and/or ERP
  • IN and OUT Automatic Loads
  • Automatic Drill Through to The Source Data
  • Traceability of Loaded Values
  • Automatic Synchronization of Dimensions
  • Log and Audit of Loadings

  • Consolidation at All Levels of The Model
  • Elimination of Inter-Company Profit
  • Multi-Currency
  • Proportion (Ownership)
  • Adjustments (Journal Entry)

  • Dashboards & Management Cockpits
  • Performance Alerts
  • Trigger Actions Based on Rules
  • Creation of Scenarios and Simulations
  • Impact of Changes Assessment
  • Planning Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Integrated Business Intelligence
  • Templates
  • Drill Down / Up / Across
  • Financial and Statutory Book
  • Operational and Management Reports


Sysphera is a robust solution. However, it can be set up locally and develops naturally along with the changes and needs of the customer. It features a flexible platform with a highly scalable architecture, which can be made available to hundreds or thousands of users throughout the company. Its web design and optional integration with Excel, makes the learning curve easier for users, largely in the financial area. Advanced security features such as integration with Active Directory (LDAP) ensure that appropriate levels of access to users be reinforced in throughout the company and sensitive information is available only to users who need it. The web approach distributes all application functions to customers through a browser and effectively enhances the Internet or an existing Intranet to expand access to the system.


Many organizations have made significant investments in ERP's, CRM's, Data Warehouses, legacy systems, among others. SYSPHERA retrieves data from these applications, from MS-Excel spreadsheets and other sources, and is automatically reclassified and converted, reused, consolidated and reported. SYSPHERA comprises a robust technology of application integration which allows to focus on information derived from any ERP / CRM, Office applications or any file database. As a result, directors, managers and analysts can spend more time on the analysis of information and dramatically reduce the time of gathering and preparing for analysis. Consequently, the company can benefit from more agile, intelligent and reliable decisions.


Sysphera retrieves and consolidates financial and operational data on a single platform, aimed at facilitating business decisions. It provides managers to reconcile financial and operational data in an agile and consistent way. It was developed to be a complete and versatile solution to suit companies operating in any industry. Its highly intuitive interface enables the creation of integrated models in a web environment, with auditing and security control on all transactions.


  • Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting
  • Financial Consolidation
  • Business Modeling
  • Workflow


  • Reporting
  • Analysis
  • Dashboards
  • Scorecarding


  • Multiple Scenarios
  • Advanced Simulations
  • What-if Analysis
  • Profitability Analysis




    Organizations of all sizes face significant challenges to the generation and distribution of management reports. Despite advances, even today, many companies continue to manually produce their financial reports taking up hours of highly skilled staff time to produce monthly board books and a few dozen reports.

    The efforts made by the control and technology areas are often not enough to meet the demand for quality information acquired in minimal time.

    Sysphera is a solution fully equipped to meet this demand and reduce the efforts of those involved. The statutory reports are dynamically produced through the centralized information base, producing highly structured reports, complemented with comments and explanatory notes by the managers. All managerial reports are intuitive and can be tailored, with integrated analysis capacity (drilldown). All reports can be scheduled and subscribed by users to receive automatic emails for every data update.

    The right information is delivered at the right time, to the right people. Using the web, MS-Excel or in PDF, as agreed with each executive.

    These capabilities are a crucial part of management support provided by Sysphera and represent a vast combination of tables and graphs, fully parameterized without the need to resort at any time to experts in technology.


    Through an intuitive interface, managers are able to develop and test multiple scenarios, do sensitivity analyzes and identify initiatives more aligned with the strategic goals of the company.

    In addition, Sysphera Enterprise Management Suite enables the identification of the best levers of the company’s value, supporting more consistent decisions, all carried out in minimal time.


    Sysphera includes several features geared towards initiatives of Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting, undertaking the orchestration of the budget process through powerful workflow management features. The solution brings together the budgets, results, projections and performance metrics into a single, scalable web application. Using Sysphera the company collects its financial results quickly, consistently and efficiently. This dramatically reduces the cycles of financial consolidation, along with the statutory and regulatory reports. Data inputs are primarily facilitated by copying data directly from MS-Excel spreadsheet, by using the copy and paste functions or through the Sysphera MS-Excel add-on.

    Sysphera was designed to address the interdependencies and the potential effect on the change of any business parameter. Answering issues such as: "if the revenue from a product line drops, what impact would it have on earnings? And on money requirements?

    Good planning does not just mean creating a plan, it means creating many plans based on different scenarios: best case, likely case, worst case scenarios, different revenue and costs scenarios, different acquisition scenarios, and so on. Even the best designed plans must be constantly re-examined. Uncertain and volatile market conditions may request the modeling of multiple scenarios to compare complex alternatives.

    With Sysphera the financial, regulatory and operational areas can budget and analyze their resources in numerous scenarios for a better understanding of the initiatives that will optimize business performance. Sysphera improves corporate governance and provides the basis for an extremely favorable environment for collaborative management and is results-oriented.


SYSPHERA delivers to the company a complete model of your business, covering all its operations. The model contains all parameters, strategic goals, financial and non-financial expectations that will be deployed within the enterprise and be monitored via dashboards and managerial reports for high level management. All figures are consolidated and synchronized automatically in all scenarios and versions and by all businesses and companies in the group. SYSPHERA allows modeling of complex structures and organizational hierarchy.

Through a completely visual interface, SYSPHERA allows identification of the actual impact of change on business drivers. Not just an approximate value, but the actual impact on the balance sheet, income statement or the company’s cash flow.


Sysphera provides to the customer the most advanced workflow engine on the market, completely parameterized in accordance with the procedures of the customer. Therefore, we have total control of personnel involved in athe process of budgeting and the limit of its responsibility. Business rules to ensure high-level accuracy in reported numbers and control of deadlines for completion of each activity.

Sysphera Process Management is a component of the Sysphera platform, developed to meet the demands of process orchestration of the highest level. It includes a graphics tool in web format for modeling drag-and-drop of activities, transitions and rules of each process, designed to be used by business people, without the need to develop any code or script programming. The SPM offers business processes with a graphical view and intuitive of modeling, auditing, automation, execution, and optimization, allowing the coordination of all activities related to the processes modeled, with adjustments on-the-fly and zero latency for its modification and publication.


The consolidation of accounting statements is complex and exhaustive, which may lead to the monopolization of the finance team, as well as other members of senior management.

Regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) and others are imposing increasingly tighter deadlines on companies to generate reports, audit results and the consequent release of bonuses. Not to mention the demands on control and governance processes. All these pressures affect the cycle of an organization’s financial consolidation. Global operations are becoming increasing complex and the organizational structure is becoming ever more sophisticated. Currency conversions, allocations and intercompany eliminations are all necessary to obtain final results. Any failure in this process creates delays in getting the numbers. Inconsistencies or missing information will be immediately reported to the company’s board of directors.

The fact that consolidation is usually done manually using Excel makes it difficult to reflect changes in organizational structure without a tough workload. Acquisitions, as well as managing the rounded figures and distributed financial documents to several locations, usually represent a major headache when reviewing the consistency of the values presented.

Sysphera consolidates all business units and companies of the group, even different lines of business with different accounting structures, with heterogeneous cost structures and financial plans not unified, in any currency, online and in real-time. It eliminates the book value of the parent company's investment in each subsidiary, eliminates the part of the parent company in the equity of subsidiaries and eliminates the intergroup’s balance sheets, dividends, transactions, costs and revenues. Sysphera offers consistent and updated information to directors, shareholders and regulatory agencies.

As a result, we can reduce substantially the consolidation cycle of the company, establishing more time for managers to conduct more in-depth analyzes.


Design and deployment services carried out by experienced professionals, certified and in constant
retraining programs, together with strategic alliances with academic advisors to assess and
improve customer processes, have ensured a high level of satisfaction with the Sysphera Solution.


All products of the Sysphera platform are sized according to the size of companies, offering substantial savings of money
invested in software licenses (sale or lease). In relation to the size of the solution, the following plans are available:

  • Sysphera
  • Basic

    Start of Management and Control

  • This plan is designed for companies that start in the acculturation process of management and control. in general, which are fully or partially replace the use of MS-Excel in the planning and control activities.
  • Package limited to 20 users.
  • Sysphera
  • Conquest

    Extending the Planning

  • This plan is designed for companies that already have a culture of planning and control, and need to expand their capacity to manage and optimize their processes through a powerful workflow.

  • Package limited to 50 users.
  • Sysphera
  • Corporate

    Processes Optimization

  • Focused on large companies that need all the resources to optimize their processes and involve a large number of employees in various usage profiles.

  • Packages with unlimited users.